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By Abi Cunningham

Job Advertising – How to write the BEST job advert.

Are you maximising your chances of making the perfect hire? Are you struggling to find the best people for your business? Job advertising is the first and arguably one of the most important components of a recruitment process. Despite all the changes in technology in the recruitment industry the job advert is still one of the essential tools used by hiring managers, recruiters and human resource professionals to inform potential candidates about a new opening and attract them to apply. It is also the first impression that candidates will have of your business and a poorly constructed job advert can be detrimental to your ability to attract and retain talent.

We recently conducted a survey which found that 72% of those individuals questioned would be open to a new opportunity even though they might not currently be actively looking. We call these individuals passive candidates and they dramatically increase your chances of finding the perfect individual for your vacancy. Statistics have shown that only 12% of candidates are actively job hunting and so for that other 60% (the passive candidates) to consider jumping ship to your firm you have to do the leg work and really sell it.

The job advert is your first touch point to do this so if you’re seeking a high calibre, hard-working and knowledgeable candidate then follow our advice to ensure your job advert stands out and is not lost in the sea of posts on the job boards.

  1. As with the construction of any advertisement, you should begin writing your content with your target candidate firmly in mind. Put yourself in the shoes of your perfect candidate and ask yourself ‘would I apply for this job?’. Consider asking your team what they like about the company and their role. They may come up with something you haven’t thought of.
  2. Always include Salary, location details (including parking if appropriate), benefits/workplace perks, details of career progression and flexible working if that’s an option – Essentially sell it!! Make the description about the company short, the reader will do their own research if they like the sound of the role.
  3. Keep the job title generic and searchable It can be tempting to come up with creative or unique titles to try to attract candidates. But the truth is, these could actually damage your chances, be specific and use recognisable keywords. Also, it’s worth referring to the job title a few times in the first paragraph to ensure you appear in searches.
  4. Don’t just copy and paste the job description, be mindful of who your intended audience is and engage with them. Ask questions and make statements that appeal directly to them. Rather than telling them you’ve been established as an independent business for 30 years turn it around to say we can offer you autonomy and stability thanks to our 30 years of experience as an independent business.
  5. Consider format!! Avoid large ‘wordy’ chunks of text and make the content easily skim able. Think about how it looks visually and what image you’re using if any and of course proofread and ensure there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes
  6. Identify what differentiates this position from other roles of its sort in the same sector, what’s your USP?
  7. Ensure there is a call to action – what do you want the reader to do?
  8. Consider where you place the advert – think about where your perfect candidates might be. Obviously, the job boards are effective but consider where they might be on social media and at what time. Consider paid advertising on social media: you can really target the best people for your business on the right platforms for a few pounds a day’

The recruitment industry has changed in recent times and competition for the best talent is intense. With this in mind the main advice we can give is to get out of the habit of trying to screen out all the unsuitable applicants with your advert and start thinking about your copy as an ‘advertisement’ for an opportunity that will attract the very best candidates currently working with your competition.