Potential Vs Experience

Posted on 2017-05-08 by Ri Web


It can sometimes be tricky for employers to confidently select the right candidate for the position, especially when presented with a strong handful of interviewees. But while an impressive, well thought-out, well-presented resume goes a long way, interviews exist for a reason – successfully filling a vacancy relies on more than qualifications or experience alone. Successful recruitment is more complex than that.


Practice Doesn’t Always Make Perfect


It’s often said that qualifications will get you an interview, but they won’t get you a job. After all, a candidate’s previous success does not necessarily guarantee that they will continue their high-performance in their new position. In some cases, it may benefit employers to look past a potential employee’s experience – or lack of – in favour of the candidate’s potential to grow into, or even above the demands of the vacancy.


Hiring a candidate with less experience in your sector may bring a fresh perspective to your company. While an experienced candidate may have the years and industry knowledge under their belt, a fresh candidate may well be quicker to learn, more adaptable, and have no bad industry habits to iron out.


Look For More Than Just A Small Cog


Employers should be looking for more than just a small cog in a big machine; any potential new recruit should be considered a good cultural fit for the business – regardless of experience or qualifications. Similarly, there are many qualities of a great employee that are immeasurable by time or qualifications – being personable, punctual and a great team player, to name just a few.


Furthermore, giving a less experienced candidate the opportunity to grow with your business will inspire employee loyalty from the beginning.


Quality Not Quantity


Examine candidate experiences deeply; consider the value of them. On paper, years of experience may impress and be attractive, however, it may not always be as valuable as fewer years of harder work, quicker growth, further progression and so on.


A good candidate is able to use their interview to demonstrate and describe how their skills and experience match the job description. It goes a long way if an interviewee can successfully and comprehensively articulate the value that they can bring to your company.


Find The Best Fit


Of course, hiring strategies differ from industry to industry and business to business. Qualifications and experience are highly necessary for a number of positions. Recruiters should evaluate all candidates in the context of the relevant industry or market; however, it is also important to consider the best fit to match your company values, office culture and the nature of the team your new recruit would be joining.




The experience vs potential dilemma often creates an obstacle for employers – of course, the perfect candidate has a balance of both, as both are of high value to any business.


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“We have used Dovetail on a number of occasions to recruit permanent staff. They take the time to find out about the role and feel that they understand our requirements. Dovetail are professional, efficient and have a great team, with a smile included. It is a pleasure to work with them and we would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Business Development Manager – for SeeBrilliance

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HR Director– for Grosvenor Services.


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Director – for Wherewework

Parkway Shopping Centre

“I have been using Dovetail for just over a year and can honestly say they are always helpful and proactive in finding the RIGHT staff for my site. Their staff are friendly and professional and always follow up calls as quickly as one would wish them to”

Site Cleaning Manager – for Parkway Shopping Centre

Fidelity Energy

“Dovetail have been hugely supportive in helping us to expand our team and are always at the end of the phone. Nothing is too much trouble and they continue to provide us with excellent candidates who have been carefully matched with our individual requirements. I’d have no hesitation in recommending their services and really appreciate the friendly and professional way in which they conduct their business.”

Manager Director – for Fidelity Energy

Dovetail Candidiate

“One of the unique benefits of working with Dovetail has been the practical contact it’s afforded me within many high-profile office environments for a variety of global brands. Being able to work so closely with teams that hold themselves to a golden standard and learning about the different ways they work is valuable experience you don’t really get at university. But it’s more than that – it’s also about people and relationships and trust and team-building and the team at Dovetail is, hands down, the most warm, dynamic, and professional team I’ve ever worked with.”

Candidiate – London

Citrix Systems

“Dovetail have provided contingent labour sourcing and payrolling to Citrix across Europe and the Middle East for several years. Their key strengths include:
Flexibility – adapting to the needs of Citrix as the organisation grows.
Engagement – willing to assist Citrix expanding into new geographies and markets.
Readiness – always available to answer questions and provide information on contracts through a single point of contact.
Integration – willing to share and adopt best practice developed between us.
Dovetail consistently outperform agreed service levels. They are dedicated to helping their customers build robust processes to manage temporary resources. They form a key part of our contingent labour strategy in EMEA, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. ”

Tom Dance, Manager – Procurement Systems Training & Communications for Citrix Systems

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