The Changing Face of Recruitment – Dovetail Group Recruitment turns 30!!

Posted on 2019-01-22 by Abi Cunningham

As we approach our 30th anniversary it’s a great time to reflect and share some of the key changes we have experienced and seen over the last three decades.

In many respects our ‘dream’ is still as relevant and important today as it has ever been;

  • Create long-term partnerships
  • Add real value to the recruitment process, through our expertise and personal approach.
  • Be the recruitment partner of choice for local businesses, facilities management providers and technical employers both in West Berkshire and Industry experts

Like many, we recognise that the recruitment market has changed significantly over the last 30 years and technology now influences every aspect of what we do, however the core principles of recruitment remain the same;

‘Our clients need the best candidates and our candidates need the best jobs’

With unemployment rates at an historic low, skills shortages affecting a number of key sectors and the introduction of new legislation, some of the most pronounced changes or challenges have occurred over the last 12 months.

Candidate attraction

Attracting and hiring the right talent has been and continues to be our biggest focus as we move into 2019. We have always prided ourselves on getting to know our clients inside and out and that is never more important than now as it becomes essential to really promote businesses to the right candidates.

Some of the most sought-after benefits for candidates are:

  • Employer brand and culture
  • Benefits and Remuneration
  • Flexible Working
  • Learning and Development
  • Career Progression

From our experience you are lucky to retain employees for more than 2 years unless you can tick the right boxes for them and there is never one answer, it is about offering flexible and relevant benefits that suit your team and your culture.

We are very fortunate here at Dovetail as our average employment length is 4.5 years which we accredit to our flexibility, culture, overall earning potential and family friendly way of working.

Do you know why you retain your staff? Sometimes they can be positive as well as negative.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Any business that handles personal data will have been affected by the new GDPR which were implemented on 25 May 2018. Like many other companies, being responsible for storing personal data this created an opportunity to review and replace current processes and data handling to ensure compliance was being met to the required standard. Whilst it caused lots of headaches for many it can only be a good thing that everyone has to take responsibility for whose data they have, why they hold it and what they plan to do with it in the future.

If you are still sinking in the paperwork and processes of GDPR we would be happy to recommend professionals who can help or support you. It may be as simple as reviewing your contracts of employment or as in depth as creating a data retention policy. Either way we work with many organisations that can offer expertise in these areas.

Gender pay and diversity

The extent of pay differences between men and women in the UK workforce has now been officially exposed following the requirement for large firms to publish the salary details of their workforce. More than three-quarters of the organisations who published this information are, on average, paying male staff more than females. Furthermore, the data has shown us that all sectors have a pay gap that favours men. As a recruitment company we understand that we are intermediaries and we are in positions to influence and make a difference to pay disparity. It’s something that we are taking responsibility for by making a few small changes.

  • Encouragement – When sharing a job specification for a particular role it is also constructive to remind candidates to focus on the areas in which they have talent and skills rather than being overly concerned about areas where they feel they have less experience.
  • Reminding and encouraging our clients to focus on a candidate’s skills and competence rather than experience or time spent in similar roles (a practice that might put women at a disadvantage as they are more likely to take career breaks for family responsibilities).

Are you an organisation that demonstrates unconscious bias and naturally seems to employ the same type of person? Behaviour breeds behaviour so without realising it you will attract the similar people.

Recruitment Agencies can support your desire to change your approach and become more diverse by presenting a wide range of candidates due to the resources and expertise available to us.

The Power of Social Media

Social media is by no means a new tool for recruiters. With the rise in popularity of LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook in recent years, many recruiters still don’t use social media in the recruitment process and are potentially missing out on benefits such as:

  • Access to passive candidates

Social media is a great tool for tapping into that sought-after pool of potential candidates who aren’t actively seeking a new role but would be open to change if the right opportunity came along.

  • Showcase your company culture

Your company website and careers site are the ideal places to shout about your values and how great you are as an employer.

  • Target your audience

If utilised correctly you have a great deal of control over who sees you content and when.

  • Screen your candidates

Social media isn’t just a great tool for advertising your vacancies, it’s also a tool to use to screen candidates and get a picture of who they are

Does your current recruitment agency use Social Media to promote you, your job vacancies or just useful information to add credibility to what they do?

We recruited a dedicated digital marketer to kick start our social media campaigns and whilst we still have a lot to learn we are making great progress and see great successes from our social media channels

Take a look at our social pages by clicking the links at the top of the page.

What does the future hold for Recruitment?

As an independent business we pride ourselves in our ability to adapt and meet our customer’s needs.

We are continually seeking to improve our processes, approach and offering to ensure we:

  • Maintain our long-term partnerships
  • Continue to add real value to the recruitment process
  • Remain the recruitment partner of choice

Technology will continue to evolve, people will still need to work and businesses will always need talent.

Artificial Intelligence, systems and robots may create some automation of the recruitment process but we strongly believe that nothing will ever replace human contact; the phone call, the coffee and the empathy a real person can offer to very unique situations; so for that reason we will continue to do the great work that we do supporting businesses in their growth.

If you like the sound of our approach contact us today to arrange a coffee with a real person

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Some of our trusted partners who can support you with some of the key areas we have highlighted can be found below:

HR Dept – Katie Aldridge

RightCue – Yogesh Agarwal

Pickle Marketing – Lisa Chaffey

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“We have used Dovetail on a number of occasions to recruit permanent staff. They take the time to find out about the role and feel that they understand our requirements. Dovetail are professional, efficient and have a great team, with a smile included. It is a pleasure to work with them and we would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Business Development Manager – for SeeBrilliance

Grosvenor Services

“We have always had very good results working with the Dovetail team. There has always been consistent attention to detail and flexibility in assisting us with key hires.“

HR Director– for Grosvenor Services.


“Dovetail have supported the growth of our business for several years. I know we can trust them completely to respond quickly and effectively to our staffing needs,
meeting our crazy deadlines on both temporary and permanent recruitment“

Meirion Anderson, MD - Aberley


“Dovetail have always been the ‘go to’ company for reliable trained resource. They have consistently provided quality staff even when the timescales have been tight. Great company”

Director – for Wherewework


“I have been working with Dovetail since 2005, every time my career path has altered, Dovetail have been my constant always taking them with me where ever I have worked. They provide a first class service and quality staff on whom myself and my business can rely. If you’re looking for Service with a capital “S” you will find it in abundance here”

Director – for Wherewework

Parkway Shopping Centre

“I have been using Dovetail for just over a year and can honestly say they are always helpful and proactive in finding the RIGHT staff for my site. Their staff are friendly and professional and always follow up calls as quickly as one would wish them to”

Site Cleaning Manager – for Parkway Shopping Centre

Fidelity Energy

“Dovetail have been hugely supportive in helping us to expand our team and are always at the end of the phone. Nothing is too much trouble and they continue to provide us with excellent candidates who have been carefully matched with our individual requirements. I’d have no hesitation in recommending their services and really appreciate the friendly and professional way in which they conduct their business.”

Manager Director – for Fidelity Energy

Dovetail Candidiate

“One of the unique benefits of working with Dovetail has been the practical contact it’s afforded me within many high-profile office environments for a variety of global brands. Being able to work so closely with teams that hold themselves to a golden standard and learning about the different ways they work is valuable experience you don’t really get at university. But it’s more than that – it’s also about people and relationships and trust and team-building and the team at Dovetail is, hands down, the most warm, dynamic, and professional team I’ve ever worked with.”

Candidiate – London

Citrix Systems

“Dovetail have provided contingent labour sourcing and payrolling to Citrix across Europe and the Middle East for several years. Their key strengths include:
Flexibility – adapting to the needs of Citrix as the organisation grows.
Engagement – willing to assist Citrix expanding into new geographies and markets.
Readiness – always available to answer questions and provide information on contracts through a single point of contact.
Integration – willing to share and adopt best practice developed between us.
Dovetail consistently outperform agreed service levels. They are dedicated to helping their customers build robust processes to manage temporary resources. They form a key part of our contingent labour strategy in EMEA, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. ”

Tom Dance, Manager – Procurement Systems Training & Communications for Citrix Systems

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